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A short trip last year to Scotland got me suddenly interested in genealogy. There were so many charming shops and places peppering the countryside to buy trinkets adorned with your family name and motto.  While a fun souvenir to bring home and touristy thing to explore (especially after a few Scottish beers), these little trinkets really did whet my appetite to learn more about my Scottish roots.

When I returned home, I dug through a few of my grandmother's old photographs, as well as letters from her mother, and discovered not only where our family came from, but how far back our family name went.  I started researching online, uncovering all kinds of fascinating facts about my extended family.

I found some old pictures of my grandmother when she was young.  They were pretty faded but still endlessly interesting to look at. I wished I'd been more interested in learning about our extended family and heritage when the older generations were around and able to relate their invaluable and compelling family stories.  But for now, I'll just make sure to get all those precious photos to digital so that future generations can enjoy them - and, of course, I'll keep digging for information about my family tree, in anticipation of the intriguing things I'll undoubtedly discover.  

Where did you come from? It's never too late to start researching your family tree on the Internet or asking older relatives questions. It's worth the invested time to start charting your family's history and preserving keepsakes and scanning old photographs before they disappear forever!

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