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Scan photos, safeguard your memories
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Scan photos, safeguard your memories

New baby. New puppy. Aunt Bertha’s surprise 50th birthday in Hawaii. Michael’s high school graduation & valedictorian speech. Backpacking through Europe the summer after college and missing that train to Munich. Backpacking through the mountains halfway up, only to realize you forgot the water filter!

Life certainly takes us on a winding path, and our photos help us remember and tell our story. Photo scanning may not be the first thing you think about when you look back on these memories, but getting those photos to digital is crucial to preserve and share them.

If you’re one of the countless people who has lost important data on your computer (hey, even iCloud can have a bad day), you’ve learned that it’s vital to have a back up of your digital photos and other irreplaceable information. The same holds true for any old prints, slides or negatives you have. If they get damaged or lost, there goes an important part of your personal and family history. So scan slides for safekeeping. Convert old photos to digital, and don't forget about converting those videos to digital.

Don’t put off your memory safeguarding project until tomorrow or next week. Commit to photo preservation, get reacquainted with your photos memories and share your story -your family and friends will be happy you did.

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