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Photo scanning may not be at the top of your list when you're thinking about Spring, but hey - that's why it's at the top of ours! Spring cleaning is about more than opening up the windows, mopping out the mud room and tossing that orphan flip flop from last summer, and we're here to make sure that your photos to digital project is the easiest Spring Cleaning Organization project that you undertake.

How easy is it? It's so easy to organize your photos that your 5-year-old could do it (and hey, if you have one around, this is a great project to have him or her help with). Just print a shipping label, box everything up, put the label on the box, and let UPS bring your boxes of memories safely to us for scanning.

Yes, of course you're allowed to sit around and eat bonbons while we're scanning photos - who are we to judge? We scan slides too, of course, so don't be afraid to send off those dusty old carousels that haven't seen a projector since the Carter administration. And yes, we can also take care of converting those videos to DVD. Live on, 1982. Live on.

There really aren't too many major Spring Cleaning projects that you can outsource this easily, quickly and safely, so what are you waiting for? Preserve your memories and get rid of dust bunnies and clutter at the same time. Hey, it's win-win for everyone (except the bonbons).

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