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Let’s back up…
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Let’s back up…

Our friends over at Mosaic Archive, a digital asset archive system for serious photographers, wrote this post about his great-grandmother's trip to Asia. It was such a great post (with some amazing old photography) that we had to share!


Last fall, I wrote a post showing some photos that my great-grandmother took on her trips to Asia in the late 1950s: Digital Asset Management In Action With Mama's Photos

This post seemed to grab a lot of people. The photos were pretty darn good. But personally, I think it was something greater that made fellow photographers remember this post.

As serious photographers, we cherish our photos the minute we make them. We have backup systems, add metadata, catalog the images using Lightroom or Aperture, and use online photo storage services so that we can find, use and protect our images.

We do this for immediate benefit (find them now to share on Facebook) and for long term benefits (so I can find my photos 1 month, 1 year or 100 years from now). This is what Digital Asset Management is all about.

A woman ahead of her time, my great-grandmother decided to travel the world. As a widowed school teacher, she wasn't one to sit still. She didn’t just go to Yellowstone and Yosemite, she visited Thailand, Tibet, China, Iran, Greece, Napal, Cambodia, and Japan.

Mama India 1959

The photos were passed down to my mother. My mother used a great service called Go Photo for slide scanning. Our family has also used GoPhoto for video to dvd conversion. These images have now been shared on Facebook for the entire family to enjoy.

Digital Asset Management is nothing new. Photographers didn't always have digital pixels and files to move around in Lightroom or Aperture. But asset management has existed as long as photography has existed. Photographers always had backup systems, metadata, catalogs, filing systems, originals and derivatives.

Digital Asset Management is the process for preserving your photography. Digital has made this process both easier and harder.

Mosaic is developing a web application that allows you to add metadata, flags, keywords and star ratings to your Lightroom or Aperture catalogs from anywhere including your iPad, iPhone, or a second computer. I can also showoff my images from anywhere including my iPad. The idea to not only give customers access to the photos from anywhere but to make Digital Asset Management easier.

Thanks to GoPhoto for making our slides look great. Now the photos are cataloged in Lightroom and backed up online in Mosaic. Hopefully in another 75 years Mamas photos will be viewed by my great-grandchild.

More photos from Mama from her trip to India, Greece, Nepal, and Iran: Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management Mosaic Digital Asset Management

About Gerard: Gerard Murphy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mosaic. Mosaic provides offsite photo storage for serious photographers. Follow Gerard on Twitter, and Google Plus.

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