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Civil War Era Social Marketing

"Refer a Friend" is something we do at GoPhoto, to help our current, happy customers share the good news about our photo scanning service with their friends & family.

It seems like today, every good company must use some elements of social marketing. I just didn't know that this was also common practice ~150 years ago!

As you can see from the Marine's recruiting poster during the American Civil War, even back in 1851, they put some good marketing practices to use.

Tell a friend: $2 (a week's pay for a private) bonus for bringing a friend.

Repeat customer bonus: $2/month more if you survive & stay enlisted each year.

At GoPhoto, we're not asking for your life! But, we can promise a great adventure! We make it really easy for you to have a great time looking back at those old 35mm slides and old photos. Let us help you make your photo scanning project easy.

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