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Colorado Fires Remind Us about Preparation/Preservation

The Atlantic Coast is suffering under hot conditions, but Colorado is the place really burning up right now! Wildfires are threatening one of the most beautiful areas right smack in the center of the USA. I have old friends in Colorado, who justifiably brag about what a great life they have there. I really wish they make it out OK, with minimal loss of life, homes, parks, & lifestyle.

It just reminds me.... What's the first (non-living) thing you'd take from your house in a fire? If you're like most, it's not your iPad, your TV, your clothes. It's your family photos, slides, negatives, VHS tapes, & journals.

But, if you wait for a disaster to strike, it's too late. I know many of us "intend" to get all of those family images digitized, going from physical to digital, so everything's protected. Then, we can have peace of mind, with one less thing to worry about in case of disaster. Plus, once digital, it's not only protected, but also easy to share with family today.

Let this remind us to finally GET IT DONE.

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