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Summer, 1 month left to squeeze it all in

Summer Pool Time

As there's only 1 month left of summer, I'm reminded to "Get'er Done!". Here's my list:

Get to the pool with the family to cool off & relax.

Make one of Mom's summer recipes to share. My favorite is the cool Jello Cake.

Camp in the backyard with the kids.

Get the rest of my Dad's slide scanning project done. He has so many good ones from summers back in the 70's, and I want to go through them with my kids to get more ideas of summer traditions I want to keep going with the next generation.

Also, my Dad has some Super 8mm film buried away too. GoPhoto can transfer that now too (8mm movies, Super 8mm movies, 16mm movies, with or without sound, all taken care of!). So, that's another one for my "MUST DO" list. There's gold in there!

I hope you all enjoy the last month of summer, & squeeze in as much fun as you can, while still getting some projects done too!

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