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Holiday Party Phone/Device Game

Yes, we do enjoy our devices. The entertain us. They inform us. They connect us. Wait... They connect us? Maybe if we're far away & want to stay in touch, yes. But, when we've come from far away & are sitting in the same room as our family, they tend to separate us & distract us.

As the holidays approach, many of us travel long distances, suffering through crowds, traffic, airplanes. We suffer large costs, inconveniences. And, for what? To sit in front of our phones or tablets in the same room? Really?

Well, here's a simple game to get people to do some minimal human interaction before they zone out: "The Holiday Party Phone Game" as follows:

1. Everyone at the party must put their phone (or tablet) on a stack.

2. If you take your device off the table, you must either:

A) Take a picture of the youngest & oldest people at the party together. You must find them, get them to sit together or do something silly together, and take a picture. You MUST get that picture to the host of the party, either by email/online methods, or by using the host's camera.

B) Or: You must tell a story (nice one please) about someone older than you at the party to at least 2 other people.

3) Everyone, host included, who takes their phone off must do this, to be fair, & keep it fun.

You can alter the punishment if you have better, more creative ideas. Just be sure to make the rules fair, clear (put them on a sheet of paper by the stack), & focused on real human interaction.

I hope you have great parties with your family & friends. And, did you know we can make parties even more fun by getting those old photos scanned to digital & shared? Just visit us at to get started.

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