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Photozini Offering Limited FREE Magazine Prints of your Scans

Prints! From scans. Made easy

As CEO of GoPhoto, I've been hearing from many of my customers that in addition to getting their photos scanned, they also want to get some prints too. For years, we've been simply passing this on to other companies. But, we recently partnered with another good, small, but growing high-quality US provider. Let me introduce them: Photozini

Photozini makes simple, high quality "magazines" (prints) from your digital files. There's no way better to understand it, & see how easy it is, than with a FREE TRIAL


The first 50 people who request a Photozini customized photo magazine of their GoPhoto scans will get it absolutely free. No credit card to enter. Just one click to request it.

To redeem: Just enter your GoPhoto gallery online, and edit any album of those slides, negatives, or photos we already scanned for you. Then, click the invitation at the top of the screen to request the Photozini magazine print of that album. Our teams will take care of the rest & contact you when it's on it's way. We already have your images online, and your address on file, so it's super super easy.

And, here's what it looks like: Nice & clean, with full page photos, very small margins (just enough for your notes when sharing/archiving).

So, it's never been easier to get modern prints made out of your old photos. It's a great new way to hold those vacation photos, wedding photos, family reunion photos in your hands again & share them with the ones you love.

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