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Making a stronger family
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Making a stronger family

There's just so much great about this article, I have to pass it along: NY Times on "The Family Stories That Bind Us"

We really do bond strongly when we share experiences, stories, and especially if those stories show how we got through hard times.

But, I recognize how hard it is to get the attention of the youngsters. They are so distracted by their peers & their gadgets. Words alone don't get through. That's why you need to sit down & share old photos with them. It's those old photos and old slides that will lighten up the kids' eyes, get them to not only listen, but ask tons of questions.

This isn't just a fun activity, but it's proven to really enrich your family's life & cohesion in the long term. And, it's proven to give your youngsters the broader identity, with survival over hardships, to give them the confidence & fortitude to bear the future.

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