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Let’s back up…

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Our friends over at Mosaic Archive, a digital asset archive system for serious photographers, wrote this post about his great-grandmother's trip to Asia. It was such a great post (with some amazing old photography) that we had to share!


Last fall, I wrote a post showing some photos that my great-grandmother took on her trips to Asia in the late 1950s: Digital Asset Management In Action With Mama's Photos

This post seemed to grab a lot of people. The photos were pretty darn good. But personally, I think it was something greater that made fellow photographers remember this post.

As serious photographers, we cherish our photos the minute we make them. We have backup systems, add metadata, catalog the images using Lightroom or Aperture, and use online photo storage services so that we can find, use and protect our images.

We do this for immediate benefit (find them now to share on Facebook) and for long term benefits (so I can find my photos 1 month, 1 year or 100 years from now). This is what Digital Asset Management is all about.

A woman ahead of her time, my great-grandmother decided to travel the world. As a widowed school teacher, she wasn't one to sit still. She didn’t just go to Yellowstone and Yosemite, she visited Thailand, Tibet, China, Iran, Greece, Napal, Cambodia, and Japan.

Mama India 1959

The photos were passed down to my mother. My mother used a great service called Go Photo for slide scanning. Our family has also used GoPhoto for video to dvd conversion. These images have now been shared on Facebook for the entire family to enjoy.


Scanning How To

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

When folks start thinking about taking on a photo scanning project, one of the first things they look into is a scanning how to.

As we get geared up for Spring Cleaning, remember that you are mightier than the dusty pile of old photos, slides, negatives and VHS tapes taking up space at the back of the entry hall closet. Even slide scanning is possible with the use of the right equipment, and a good allotment of extra time.

(Of course, the easiest way to get your negatives, slides and photos to digital is to send them to a good picture scanning service like GoPhoto, but some people just really like to do things themselves. Hey, we understand.)

Here are some tips if you're a DIYer who's going to get those old memories safely digitized this spring:

1. Cleanliness is next to all things goodliness. Be sure to clean the glass (no streaks!) and remove dust, lint, hair and any other noise that might transfer onto the image. The same goes for the asset itself - make sure those slides and such are dust-free! Rubber gloves for you and compressed air can to blow off your assets will be a great help in this project.

2. Even if you're scanning black-and-white photos, you should choose the color setting on your scanner. Somehow, the scans seem to turn out better.

3. Resolution settings are what determine the quality of your scan. For archival scans, you'll want to use a 600dpi setting. In general, you probably don't want to scan photos at less than 300 dpi.

4. Your hi-res scans will take up a fair amount of space, so you'll want to back them up on an external drive, a cloud-based storage system, or even an old-school DVD. Make backups of your backups, and store one set somewhere that's not in your home - a safety deposit box is a good spot for your external drive.

Happy scanning!

Organize your photos the easy way…

Friday, March 16th, 2012
photos to digital

Get organized the easy way - We scan, you relax

Photo scanning may not be at the top of your list when you're thinking about Spring, but hey - that's why it's at the top of ours! Spring cleaning is about more than opening up the windows, mopping out the mud room and tossing that orphan flip flop from last summer, and we're here to make sure that your photos to digital project is the easiest Spring Cleaning Organization project that you undertake.

How easy is it? It's so easy to organize your photos that your 5-year-old could do it (and hey, if you have one around, this is a great project to have him or her help with). Just print a shipping label, box everything up, put the label on the box, and let UPS bring your boxes of memories safely to us for scanning.

Yes, of course you're allowed to sit around and eat bonbons while we're scanning photos - who are we to judge? We scan slides too, of course, so don't be afraid to send off those dusty old carousels that haven't seen a projector since the Carter administration. And yes, we can also take care of converting those videos to DVD. Live on, 1982. Live on.

There really aren't too many major Spring Cleaning projects that you can outsource this easily, quickly and safely, so what are you waiting for? Preserve your memories and get rid of dust bunnies and clutter at the same time. Hey, it's win-win for everyone (except the bonbons).

Scan photos, safeguard your memories

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

New baby. New puppy. Aunt Bertha’s surprise 50th birthday in Hawaii. Michael’s high school graduation & valedictorian speech. Backpacking through Europe the summer after college and missing that train to Munich. Backpacking through the mountains halfway up, only to realize you forgot the water filter!

Life certainly takes us on a winding path, and our photos help us remember and tell our story. Photo scanning may not be the first thing you think about when you look back on these memories, but getting those photos to digital is crucial to preserve and share them.

If you’re one of the countless people who has lost important data on your computer (hey, even iCloud can have a bad day), you’ve learned that it’s vital to have a back up of your digital photos and other irreplaceable information. The same holds true for any old prints, slides or negatives you have. If they get damaged or lost, there goes an important part of your personal and family history. So scan slides for safekeeping. Convert old photos to digital, and don't forget about converting those videos to digital.

Don’t put off your memory safeguarding project until tomorrow or next week. Commit to photo preservation, get reacquainted with your photos memories and share your story -your family and friends will be happy you did.

Slide scanning – risk free

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
Circa 1978, flipping into the pool

Photo scanning is a pretty easy undertaking (with GoPhoto, of course) in that you know exactly what you're digitizing.

Slide scanning and negative scanning, on the other hand - well, it can be a great mystery. When you unearth an old slide carousel or find that shoebox full of negatives, it's pretty tough to tell what's on them.

And this is why we started the company with the GoPhoto Risk-Free Promise: send everything you have without worry. We'll scan it all and set the images up into online albums for review, and you can delete the scans you don't want with no deletion cap.

What this means is that you only pay for the scans you keep! We're the only scanning service that makes this promise, and we do it because we want to help lower the barriers for folks to recapture their pasts.

We scan in the United States, too, so you can feel good about the fact that recapturing your past is helping contribute toward a better tomorrow for the GoPhoto scanning crew.

So come on, what are you waiting for? Just box up your images and send them off to us. Yep, it's really that easy.

From Closet to Facebook Timeline

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
sneak peak at the new Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline is all the buzz today at f8 (for those non-Valley types, that's the Facebook developer conference). As a company whose business it is to help folks digitize and share their own personal timelines, we're very excited about it.

Here's the deal: Facebook timeline is part of a new profile interface, and allows you to add content to your own personal timeline. A snapshot of my woefully barren timeline is here (look to the right of the profile):

Now, regrettably, the bulk of your photography collection that would naturally illustrate your personal timeline is probably collecting dust somewhere in a dark corner of your house. And that, friends, is where we come in. We not only scan photos, but we scan slides and convert negatives to digital. We also transfer VHS to DVD – hey, the '80s and '90s deserve some love too.

Since GoPhoto is the only scanning service that puts your scans into free online albums with unlimited storage and 1-click Facebook share, filling out that Facebook Timeline is actually as easy as packing up a box with all your old photos, slides and negatives and sending it off to us for the flat rate of $16 round trip and 37¢ a scan.

Hey, getting your pictures to digital so that you can preserve and share them online is what we do anyway. Now Facebook is giving you an easy chronological feature to organize and share them. And, even better news: we'll be augmenting our Facebook app to more easily enable bulk transfer of photos.

Facebook Timeline launches for everyone next week or so, but if you must absolutely positively have it right this second, our pals at TechCrunch tell you how.

Dream a Little Dream…

Thursday, September 15th, 2011
Yosemite pic

Sometimes, when I'm sitting at my desk pondering my odds of winning SuperLotto, I am distracted from my own daydreams by my favorite print: Ansel Adams’ "Moon and Half Dome".  I find a particular solace in this majestic picture that is hard to put into words - and perhaps that is the point.  I can lose myself for a few minutes in this photographic masterpiece and pretend I'm in Yosemite, poised to climb Half Dome, the soft wind gently running through my hair, all the while thinking, this is what it means to be alive!

For the record, I have not actually climbed this mountain (and most likely never will – it's beyond my skill set).  But that, of course, is the power of photography.  Ansel Adams, in all his genius, actually convinces me that perhaps I could climb it - or at least encourages me to enjoy it in a way that I hadn’t considered.

And it does all that from the relative comfort of my ergonomic swivel chair. Don't get me wrong; I would much rather be in Yosemite, gazing at the gushing waterfalls and the soaring mountains that surround the valley, than merely stare longingly at the picture.  Alas, I haven't been to Yosemite in years. But the last time I there, I took the above picture. I'm no Ansel Adams, mind you, but since the point of a picture is to capture a memory, I think it serves its purpose well enough.

I had that photo scanned recently, feeling that photo preservation was a project mildy easier than climbing a mountain. Of course, scanning photos is something that I can do at home, if there are only a few of them; the above picture, though, was from a negative. And scanning negatives and digitizing slides may actually be as difficult as climbing a mountain.

So I had a series of old photographs converted to digital, and this waterfall pic now sits proudly on my desk, within spitting distance of my Ansel Adams print. And, together, they let me enjoy Yosemite every single day.  May your old photos do the same for you.


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